Turn Signal Assembly Switch – Male Plug and Metal Column Mount

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Above are two examples

A – is a 69 car and in 73 they used the same plug on cars and trucks up to 76

B – is a 77 and up cars and trucks, but GM has different styles of plugs besides B

A and B are the most common style on early GM

So look carefully at your plug.  A – is smaller and a very distinctive metal mount.  B – is larger and a totally different mount as well.

Again look carefully at your plug you are going to see some letters on one side of the plug.

This is the base code for the turn signal assembly.

Here is the color code for both plugs:

P – White – Brake Light Switch

N – Green – Right Rear Turn Signal and Brake Light

M – Yellow – Left Rear Turn Signal and Brake Light

L – Purple – Turn Signal Flasher

K – Brown – Emergency Flasher

J – Dark Blue – Right Front Turn Signal

H – Light Blue – Left Front Turn Signal

G – Black – Horn

F – Lime Green – Key Buzzer

E – Tan – Key Buzzer


This is only for the Turn Signal Assembly function.  This is not for your side marker lights or power windows or what not.

Here are a couple of examples of some plugs.  The first example is going to be early 69.  If you look at the first wire it is going to be black but it is going to have a white stripe on it.  That is telling you that is the white wire P.   M is black as well but it has a yellow stripe on it telling you that is the yellow wire.  This 69 switch is a non key buzzer turn signal assembly – but if it was it would have a pink wire in the letter F and a black wire in the letter E.  The next example is going to be the late 70’s plug.  As you can see it has more wires on it.  I call this a multi function switch because it powers other things as well.  As you can see it has the pink wire on it. As the switches change color they went from pink to lime green. And the last picture is just another example.


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