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We offer Steering column repair for both Tilt and Non Tilt Steering columns.

Contact us for more information -  903-292-9424


1969 Turn Signal Bracket Repair 

These brackets were on all 69 cars and in 73 they started putting these on the trucks - so this bracket is correct up until mid 70's for cars & trucks

We are now selling these brackets - there is a 3 hole and a 2 hole.  Be specific when you order.  The 2 hole is for the ones that hang off of the mast jacket.  

Camaro  Nova  Trans Am  El Camino  Chevelle  Monte Carlo Cutlass  Buick and other  

Firewall Plate Repair

These plates are welded to the mast jacket

Camaro  Trans Am  Firebird - 70 to 81 

And we also have Nova coming soon